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07 May 2010

The Big Challenge - 400 miles in 4 days!

On Thursday evening we recieved an email that really made us stop and think. My cousin's friend, Becky Smith, has just been diagnosed with terminal breast, liver and bone Cancer.

Becky was diagnosed just after her 29th Birthday. The cancer started as a lump in her breast - she persisted with doctors to have it checked out but they dismissed it as a cist. It then grew to her liver and now bones. She has had chemotherapy which has stopped the growth, but it is too late to have the cancerous cells removed.

She has been given 18 months to live.

There is a new treatment called Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) which could prolong Becky's life for a further 20 years, but unfortunately it is not available on the NHS and will cost £23,000.

Becky and her fiance Simon are due to be married in July. As many of you may know, myself and my man Dave are also getting married in June, and just the thought of being in that kind of situation is devastating.

This is why Dave has set himself the *Huge* challege of riding 400 miles on his pushbike - in just 4 days!! He plans to cycle the Welsh coast and raise a big chunk of money to help Becky get to her goal of £23,000. He sets off on Friday 28th May armed with just his bike and a little tent and needs as much help as he can get!

Please visit his website to read more and show your support, where you can get in touch and pledge sponsor him either personally or online.

Your support will be greatly received & you could directly help to save a life :)

x x x x

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  1. This broke my heart - I can't imagine :( We'll check out the site and are sending positive thoughts and energy their way.