Lancashire Wedding photography by Emma Billsborough

18 January 2012

{BABY B} six weeks and counting!

Six weeks and counting until little Billsborough arrives :)

We're taking bets on whether it's a boy or girl.. I have no idea! ....

I have a few bits and bobs to do, album designs etc, but for the next few weeks I will be mostly chilling out with my feet up! I'm sure I will be posting plenty of pics when baby arrives.. he/she will be well photographed :)

x x x


  1. ooh! lovely Emma - exciting times :)

  2. You look fab! Stock up on sleep now!!!!! Xx

    1. Thanks Steph! Yep, doing my best to get all the sleep I can before it's too late xx

  3. You can look forward to the day you can put your own socks on again ;)