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01 August 2012

LOVE Bridal Boutique .. and the best of the North West

A few weeks ago I took part in a brilliantly fun photoshoot! It was organised by Jonny and Emma Draper, the brains behind Cheshire's newest and best bridal boutique, LOVE. Jonny also happens to be an amazing photographer, and one of the "North West Massive" gang, who I am lucky enough to count as friends.

You may have seen the big reveal on English Wedding Blog last week, announcing the opening of Love Bridal Boutique's books and showcasing the four designers that they will be stocking. If you haven't had a look already you should check it out, you can also see a selection of shots from all of the 14 (!) photographers that were involved in the shoot. Seriously beautiful stuff...

English Wedding Blog..The Best of the North West

Anyway, here's my take on what happened, including some behind the scenes sneaky shots..

You can now also see more behind the scenes shots on English Wedding.. so funny!

Behind the Scenes

Thanks to Jonny and Emma for inviting me, and to everyone else involved for being generally brilliant/hilarious.


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  1. Gorgeous shots Emma! Love your 'behind the scenes' ones too!