Lancashire Wedding photography by Emma Billsborough

11 June 2013

A Preview! ... Natalie and Neal at The Midland Hotel, Manchester

I promised Natalie and Neal a little preview of their day to keep them going for a couple of weeks until all the images are finished... so here it is!

Their day was a perfect blend of sunny and leafy countryside, and elegant and chic city centre...

This last shot deserves a round of applause please... mostly because I risked my life to get it :)

Congratulations to Natalie and Neal... the rest of the collection will be on it's way soon!



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I shed a fair few tears on the day and these photos have just set me off again. It was an unbelieveably amazing day and I can see from these that you have captured that wonderfully :) xx
    Katy, bridesmaid.

  2. What a fabulous couple! Good luck to you Neal and Natalie! Wishing you a fabulous future together. Lots of love, Gddd Pete and Lorraine xx