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08 January 2011

Lazy Days - Winter Sunshine

Happy New Year! 2011 already!!

Have you made New Years resolutions this year? Normally I say I'm going to try and be tidier, or more organised, or eat healthily, and normally these resolutions last a few weeks and then I resort back to the messy, unorganised, chocolate eater that I was before :)

So this year I've decided I am going to try and take more pictures! I know this sounds obvious, I am a photographer after all! But I don't mean do more photo sessions, or take more shots at weddings - I mean take more photographs for me. I've got out of the habit of taking my camera with me wherever I go, or just going out to see what I can find to photograph - basically taking photographs for pleasure rather than work.

So.....from now on, here on the blog, you're hopefully going to see more of my personal posts which will document what I get up to on my days off, or Lazy Days!

Those of you who are fans of my Facebook page will remember I ventured out into the frost just before christmas to get some pretty pictures of the 'Big Freeze'. If you haven't seen them you can do here . Well, this afternoon, I had the urge to get out there with my camera again and decided to head across the field and see what I could find. The sun was really low in the sky and was shining through the trees, creating some amazing colours and pretty glare - interesting to see how the landscape has changed since the ice disappeared.

Here's what I found....let me know what you think..........

Love being out in the fresh countryside air, but glad to be back inside in the warm now :)

Back soon for more 'Lazy Days' installments


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